Foot Y Loop Straps are excellent for Pilates foot in springs exercises.

They fit close to the foot and ankle, provide much more support than single loop straps and give you the freedom to fully flex and point your foot.

Great for around the foot in 90/90; for extra comfort, we suggest turning them upside down.

We always recommend the Foot Y to studios as they are easy and fast to put on client’s feet and most importantly they make a big difference in clients’ performance.

WS Foot Y Loop Straps

  • Wash
    All ELEMENTS are machine washable on cold setting with detergent for coloured fabric.
    When used as personal, ELEMENTS can be washed together with your activewear.
    When used by studios, we recommend washing all ELEMENTS together and as often as needed.

    Soft cloth products (covers, cases, pouches) can be tumble dried. Medium setting, use the same as you would for your activewear.
    Straps and handles can also be dried in a tumble dryer-however, we do not recommend as D-rings might make unnecessary noise or damage the machine.
    Air-drying time will depend on the products, but also the way the products have been washed and rinsed.

    If ironing is needed, please use medium setting for both temperature and steam.

    Regular maintenance will prolong the fresh and colourful look of your ELEMENTS.

    ELEMENTS have not been tested for dry cleaning.